Welcome to the LivePDNation Verification System

This system is in place for members of our reddit and Discord community. LEO's, EMS, Fire, CO's, Dispatch and Live PD officers, hosts, and staff can all have their own flairs or roles to distinguish them within our communities.

In order to verify you we require a simple form of verification. This is your reddit (or discord) username handwritten with the date next to a badge, item of uniform, ID card or anything else you believe can adequately verify you.

Please be sure to cover any personal information. This includes your name, photos, age, date of birth or your department. This is just a precautionary measure as all data sent via our system is encryped via HTTPS and only our most senior moderators have access to this system. All submissions (including images) are removed from our server once the application has been closed.

In most cases, your flair or role will be applied within 1-3 days of your request being subitted.

To get started, simply choose Open a New Ticket