About Us

We’re Live PD Nation. A series of websites and social media platforms that help connect the Live PD community.

We first began on reddit in November, 2016, shortly after Live PD was announced. By June 6th, 2017 we hit 500 subscribers and a little over a month later we hit the 1,000 mark. We are currently on a whopping 6.6k members and growing! Our episode discussion threads attract upwards of 1,000+ replies on any given night and our Discord server is a hive of chatter, full of like minded fans discussing the show as it airs in real time.

Our subreddit has attracted a few famous faces in it’s time, too. Tom Morris Jr posts on a regular basis and interacts with the community. He has also given the reddit community a few shout outs on air! We also have some verified Live PD team members on the sub, along with a multitude of verified LEO’s and EMS workers from around the globe.

Our Discord server is currently sitting on 370+ members and also grows on a daily basis. It’s a great way for the community to chat in real-time as  the show airs.

We launched this news site in June, 2018 to give the fans insights to Live PD and also as a reliable source of news. In August 2018 we expanded our website to include Live PD information such as the schedule, host bio’s as well as technical information about the show itself. What’s next? Only time will tell!

We hope to see you around on our subreddit, Discord server and in our comments section of this website.

Thanks for your support, Live PD Nation! Without you we would be nothing.