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There really is nothing else like Live PD. Watching it all unfold live makes for great TV. But it’s even better when we all watch together.

And that is what our reddit community is all about. For those who may not know, reddit is a website where people can make a community about anything they like. Think of it as a collection of forums. If you like golf for example, you have /r/golf Or perhaps you love the Star Wars movies, in which case you have /r/starwars Maybe you are into gardening? You have /r/gardening I’m sure you get the point!

We have /r/livepd, a 14,000 member community of Live PD fans. And each week we have episode discussion threads where people chat as the show airs! Last Saturday saw over 3,000 comments. Think of it as a watch party taking place online! We even have Tom Morris Jr himself who posts and interacts on a regular basis! We also have awards for comments that get the most upvotes during an episode discussion! Think of an upvote as a facebook ‘like’

The point of this post was to try and get those who may know nothing about reddit but love Live PD to join the family. We’re a friendly bunch and share a common love for Live PD. So why not create an account and join our community. To join a community you simple subscribe.


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