Season 2 Finale with Carmack and Shep take down

August 25th, 2018

Suspect crashes stolen box truck from his employer and crashes it in a ditch, taking down phone lines.  Attempts to get truck unstuck by placing shipping blankets under the drive wheels and is unsuccessful.  Deputies arrive and the driver runs resulting in a lengthy search for him.  Thankfully Deputy Carmack and K9 Shep arrive and begin tracking him.  Surprise!  They found him.






Shep grabbed hold and didn’t let go until Deputy Carmarck instructed him to let go.

Bite mark:






You can watch it happen below via body cam footage released by the Pasco County Sheriff Department.  The K9 bite happens at 2:51.


Footage from Deputy Carmack’s body-cam of the Shep track on LivePD yesterday has been released by the Pasco Sheriff. from livepd

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