Salinas PD to be featured in season 3.

Salinas Police Department to star on TV again

Salinas police department will be on national TV again as they have received approval from the city council to be featured on Live PD.  The Salinas PD was previously featured on COPS in 2016.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the Salinas Police Department to display the quality work, skill level and professionalism of the (department),” sad David Shaw, deputy chief with the department, in a report to the council. “… Much like the Forbes Ag Summit, this is an opportunity to keep the city (of) Salinas on the national stage by further showcasing our city and its residents.”

“This one adds an educational element,” he said. “… They flash back and forth, and educate people on legal issues developing during the segments.”

The contract to appear lasts through February, 2019 with an option to extend it one extra year.

Councilman Tony Barrera applauded the project as a “great thing” that should help the department get recruits.

Councilwoman Kimbley Craig also praised the idea, asking the department to make sure to notify the community when the episodes air.

“That’s the plan,” Shaw replied.










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