Ofc. Jill Marshall’s First Night on Live PD

On July 28th Ofc. Jill Marshall made her Live PD debut.  Just eight minutes in on the three-hour long show the cameras cut to her with a vehicle already pulled over in a parking lot.  When she first spotted the vehicle a male was driving and when they parked he switched seats with the female passenger.  The female admitted to the switch but the male was adamant that he was not driving and refused to give his name.

Ofc. Marshall’s next appearance was 32 minutes in responding to a report of a fight at a bar.  It started out pretty chaotic at first as the involved parties were trying to leave and she stopped them for questioning.  Two women were stopped and they were pretty belligerent about being detained, to say the least.  In the end the parties were verbally trespassed and told to leave.

Her third appearance was at 51 minutes in following a motorcycle that refused to pull over and was taunting her trying to get into a chase.  Ofc. Marshall refused to engage and give chase as it crossed the city line.  There is also a department policy preventing it and it was called off by superiors immediately.  This went on for a while with the motorcyclist returning and continuing to taunt.


For her fourth round of Live PD at 1 hour 3 minutes into the show we are taken to a motel where there was a report of a fight with the glass in a door busted out.  To sum it up, someone opened/closed the door to hard during an argument.

For her fifth and final encounter on-screen happens at 1 hour 59 minutes as she was responding to a motorcycle accident.  The rider was not wearing a helmet which is permitted for riders over 21 in Rhode Island.  During further questioning several containers of alcoholic beverages were found in a cooler attached to the seat.

An impressive amount of a screen time for a debut appearance.  All-in-all Ofc. Marshall remained calm through out the episode and left us with a very good impression.  We are looking forward to seeing more of her in the last few weeks of season 2.


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