Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy Falls Into Live PD

Picture of Deputy Kevin Fitzsimmons and Lt. Danny Brown standing in front of a window of the Sheriff's department.
Deputy Kevin Fitzsimmons and Lt. Danny Brown

Dep. Kevin Fitzsimmons made his debut on the July 28th episode of Live PD.  His breakout TV appearance started with a foot chase across a parking lot.  He was  running after a suspect who was suspected in an alleged drug activity incident.

The first appearance of “Fitz”, as he is called, wasn’t the way he probably intended to be pictured on national TV as he took a tumble as the camera person passed him by.  The fall happens around the 49 minute mark of the episode.  Thankfully “Fitz” had backup as he was riding with Lt. Danny Brown who chased the suspect down and onto the ground where he proceeded to cuff him.

Dep. Fitzsimmons works in region four and is assigned to Delta Squad.  Region four covers most of the area around Broad River Road and St. Andrew Road areas.


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