Bonus Episode of Live PD Coming Soon


A&E announced the date for the two hour bonus episode of Live PD, it is Thursday, August 16th starting at 8PM Eastern, 7PM Central. The bonus episode is A&E’s concession to the fans for taking an hour from the June 9th show for the Gotti Family special. It also kick starts their new show at 10PM Eastern, Nightwatch Nation.  At 11PM Eastern they will show the last hour of Live PD that will have been filmed during the hour of Nightwatch Nation.

Updated guide data on DVRs is showing two episodes on August 24th and August 25th so that is likely when season 2 comes to an end.




Last year season 2 started on October 6th and if they stick to the same schedule as before we might see season 3 start on October 5th, but this has not been confirmed this far out yet.  When a firm date as been confirmed we will report it here and on


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