Sgt. Sean ‘Sticks’ Larkin To Host New A&E Television Series

On Saturday, Tulsa Police Department’s Sergeant Larkin announced on Twitter that he would be the host of an upcoming television series titled ‘PD Cam’ on A&E, the same network that airs Live PD.

PD Cam from Live PD as it uses only footage shot from dash cams, body cams or helicopter cameras unlike Live PD which has a crew following the officers. It is set to premier July 19 at 10PM.

Like Live PD, PD Cam is designed to give the public a raw and unfiltered look into day to day Policing.

No need to worry, though! Larkin has already confirmed that he will in-fact remain appearing on Live PD as analyst alongside Dan and Tom.

We’re currently working on a subreddit for the series (of course!) which is expected to be completed shortly.


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