Fan From Subreddit Gets Live PD Hoodie Signed!

A user over on our subreddit called Pizzalover1011 got their Live PD hoodie signed by Sticks, Dan and Tom the other day! 

After asking Tom Morris Jr if they had received the Hoodie in a thread posted by Tom, Tom was quick to confirm that they did in fact receive the hoodie and had signed it and that it was on it’s way back to Pizzalover1011.

A few days later, Pizzalover1011 made a thread with an image confirming that they had received the hoody signed, sealed and delivered.

Although I wouldn’t encourage everybody to start sending in Live PD mechanise to be signed, I thought this was insanely cool and goes to show just how amazing our reddit community really is.

If you’re not already apart of it, we encourage you to join us today!

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