Why Doesn’t Live PD Blur Faces?

Another common question asked not only on our sub but all over the internet is how can Live PD show faces without consent. There are a few reasons, and we explain them below.

Reason 1: It’s shot in public

When in public you basically have no expectation of privacy. Although it’s a totally different story on private property. The crew must ask for consent prior to entering and filming anywhere other than a public space. One exception to the ‘shot in public’ rule is if the show wishes to use the footage for promotional purposes (eg, a Live PD advertisement) in which case the producers must ask for consent.

Reason 2: It’s a news program

Live PD is classified as a news program or ‘newsworthy’. The rules for such shows are generally a little more lenient. This is also why they don’t need consent for segments filmed earlier or segments shown on Live PD: Police Patrol for example. However, they do tend to blur faces on reruns to avoid civil action or “out of respect for the innocent”.

There are also attorneys present in the control room as the show airs to ensure the show doesn’t open itself up to any legal issues.

I’m not a lawyer and as such I can’t legally confirm any of these points, but if you are we welcome you to contact us to share a more ‘professional’ answer to the question.

The question (along with a few answers) has been asked on our subreddit a few times. You check out a few here, here and here.

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