Live Rescue Premier Receives Positive Feedback

For a series that was initially met with scepticism and concern it would appear that the producers have brought us a tasteful series that follows EMS and Fire.

Our first discussion thread brought in an impressive 1,500+ comments, many of which seemed pleased with the Live PD spin-off. Many people agreed that although the show started off slow it quickly picked up and started to find it’s groove.

User boredasamutha says “I think I can be on board with this. I liked Live Rescue and I think it’ll be much better when they have a few episodes under their belt.”D

Drexlore, another member of /r/LiveRescue said “Well, it started off slow, but we did get some great segments”

A big concern of the community was how it would be shot. Whilst Live PD has a certain comedic value to it as many of the people  that feature tend to get themselves into the (often funny!) situations we see, many of the people we see on Live Rescue are innocent people caught up in various unfortunate situations such as car accidents or fires. Although we did have car accidents and fires involving innocent parties, the show was ‘tasteful’ and decided to focus more on the emergency personnel rather than trying to get in on the victims and cash in on peoples misfortune.

We look forward to watching the series develop much like Live PD did.

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