Why Do Officers Tap The Rear of a Vehicle?

We often get messages sent through our contact form asking us questions relating to not only series, but also Policing in general. We received one the other day asking why officers tap the rear of a vehicle when approaching during a traffic stop and today we’ll explain why.

Leaving Evidence

Tapping the rear of the vehicle leaves a finger print of the officer. If a car flees, having the Officers finger print on the rear of the vehicle is a definitive way of proving that said vehicle was the one that fled. Of course these days we have dash cams and body cams and still Officers engage in the activity of tapping the rear of the vehicle. So what other reasons are there for doing so?

Spooking The Driver

It has also been said that it can be used as a method of spooking or startling the driver. If you’re rushing around hiding evidence and hear a tap on the rear of the car you’ll instinctively look to see what’s going on, thus delaying your attempt to hide evidence and increase your chances of being caught in the process!

So there you have it! Although rare these days thanks to body cams and dash cams,  if you see an Officer tap the rear of your vehicle don’t freak out. It’s probably habit or the Officers personal preference.


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