Trooper James Casey Retires

Trooper James Casey of the Arizona Department of Public Safety and much loved Live PD officer has announced his retirement today.

It comes as Casey reveals that he was involved in yet another unprovoked Officer involved shooting mid April of this year.

Casey says he was assisting Phoenix Police Department pursue a car-jacking suspect. The chase ended in a TC and the suspect ran at Casey with his gun drawn. Thankfully Phoenix Police officers arrived before the situation escalated, but it was a wake-up call for Casey.

 Being shot once was enough, but 2 guns pointed in my face (I looked down barrel of his gun), has made me reach the decision to medically retire.

Yesterday was James Casey’s last day.

You can view the tweet on James Casey’s twitter page here.

From all of us at /r/livepd and, we thank you for your service. Hopefully we see you on Live PD (as a guest!) in future.


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  1. While I am thrilled Officer Casey is ok, I’m sad to see my favorite officer go. Any time he is onscreen, I smile. He has been a huge inspiration to me, with all he has overcome. Hopefully A&E will take this opportunity to snag one of the most popular Live PD officers to host or co-host a show for them. Besides, I have to see this awesome guy in some capacity! lol God Bless you Mr. Casey, & I wish you a very happy retirement!

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